Day 8 of 12: Silver wedding color inspiration

By, December 26, 2011

We decided to follow our vivacious red color post with a cool, sophisticated color – silver! Whether it’s used as a theme color, or in details such as wedding accessories, sliver is a staple color of many weddings. When couples are going for a sleek or modern themed wedding, as in weddings we’ve photographed at the Ultimate Skybox and the Hard Rock Hotel, silver is the perfect counterpart!

From the groom’s attire, to custom wire dress hangers, to metallic cake pops, silver is a great way to add a touch of cool and class to the celebration. Make sure to stop by our blog tomorrow, where we will shine the spotlight on one of silver’s most complimentary colors – BLUE!
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True Photography Presents The Twelve Days of Color

By, December 14, 2011

San Diego Wedding Photographers show the Twelve Days of Color to highlight Wedding Colors

At True Photography, we love color!  To get in the holiday spirit, we’re counting down the Twelve Days of Color, where we will feature a different color on our blog each day! 

In all of our photos, our process is to bring out as much color as possible, while keeping skin tones natural. We adjust every single image by hand, maximizing the vibrancy but always making sure the scene feels real. We use our own color techniques and never mess with color filters, which can become gimmicky over time. With our signature technique, your wedding images will look amazing now and in 50 years.

Our first featured color is Green!