Delightful Tables | Set for Style

By, May 26, 2014

We know how much energy goes into producing an impeccably designed wedding table. It’s truly a team effort, with many minds working together to come up with the perfect creation. That’s why we take great care when photographing the tables at your wedding. In addition to the to the overall look and feel of the table, we also capture the fine details, such as flowers, linens, stemware and embellishments. In fact, your table will be so fully documented that you could say it’s well covered :)

For a few recent visual examples, take a look at these impressive table set-ups. We hope you enjoy!

table-1 table-2 table-3 table-4 table-5 table-6 table-7-8 table-9 table-10 table-11 table-12 table-13 table-14 table-15-16 table-17 table-18-19 table-20-21

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