Mark Your Presence | Guestbook Inspiration Board

By, October 29, 2013

Years from now, you’ll want to remember every last person that made your wedding day so special :)  For this reason, guestbooks come in handy!

In traditional guestbooks, wedding guests would just sign their names on a line in a book to mark their presence.  However, this concept has since evolved into something much more creative and fun.  Modern interpretations not only give guests the opportunity to add their John Hancock, but also to add their own wit, wisdom or well wishes. This makes the guestbook much more meaningful, and gives the bridal couple a reason to revisit these messages over time.

Instead of an actual book, many couples use personal items to capture signatures, such as guitars, baseball bats, tennis balls and puzzle pieces. These items can be put on display in the home, and serve as a daily reminder of the wedding day. Current popular styles of guest “books” include photo albums, frames, fingerprint family trees and wine bottles. However, there are no rules…so feel free to find inspiration in the creative ideas below!