Changing of the leaves in Vermont

By, October 23, 2013

Welcome to Vermont!  This state is home to over 100 picturesque covered bridges, and has some of the most scenic fall leaves we’ve ever seen.  We were lucky enough to come across one of the more famous bridges, the West Arlington Covered Bridge. We had never seen this bridge before and we were really hoping it would red so it would stand out against all the beautiful green, and splashes of early fall colors.  Wish granted!

Have a look below at our journey through Vermont as we traveled east for the wedding of Colleen and Russel in Portland, Maine.

01 0204

We drove through Vermont at the very start of the fall leaves! I can’t imagine what this same photo would have looked like a couple of weeks later!

03 05 06

The Marble Mansion Inn is a unique find in Fair Haven, Vermont and was unlike any place we had stayed on our trip!  This beautiful bed and breakfast was built entirely out of marble, and had a grand presence in this low-key small town.

07 08

April and True waiting for Aaron to finish his photograph session of the fall leaves in Vermont :)