Let’s have a party, we’ll all dance the Hora!

By, November 30, 2017

The Hora is a customary Jewish wedding celebration dance. Once the song Hava-Nagila starts playing, guests instinctively rush to the dance floor, and hold hands to form a circle around the bride and groom. The crowd then lifts the newly married couple up in chairs, to honor and celebrate their union. It is a fun and cardio-centric tradition that will get you off your feet, and get your heart rate up!

The tradition of the Hora started long ago, during the time of arranged marriages. The purpose was to bring the community together in celebration, and put the (presumably nervous) young couple at ease. These days, the Hora remains a highlight of Jewish weddings, and remains a way to honor a Jewish heritage.

As wedding photographers, when we capture the energy and the joy of this moment, we make sure to place ourselves at the perfect perspective. Whether we’re unobtrusively in the middle of the action, or shooting from the sidelines, we make sure to capture the energy and excitement of the moment. Check out the fun photos we’ve captured of some real life “Hora Stories” :)

Family and friends fill the dance floor for the hora
Bride and grooms looks on to their guest for the hora
Bride and groom hold hands for the hora
Excited groom lifted up in a chair
Groom is lifted by family and friends for the hora
0007HoraStory copy
Groom huddles with friends
Bride and groom have fun with the hora
0011HoraStory copy
Guest surround bride and groom for the hora
Groom barely holds on as he's lifted for the hora
Mom gets lifted for the hora
Bride and groom enjoying the hora at their wedding
Bride and groom celebrate traditional hora

Party-Rock is in the House Tonight | An Inspiration Board of “True” Moments

By, July 01, 2013

A wedding day is cram-packed with emotion and activity. In a matter of minutes, we are taken on a roller-coaster ride through tearful, sentimental moments that require waterproof mascara and a pack of Kleenex. Then, before we know it, we are experiencing joy and ab-crunching laughter. It is these dramatic shifts throughout the day that make wedding photography such a thrilling pursuit.

At every wedding we photograph, we are on our feet, capturing real, split-second moments on camera. Some of the most “true” moments of genuine bliss we’ve seen are immediately after the vows have been exchanged, and the mood has turned celebratory. This transition from ceremony to reception gives the newlyweds and their guests a chance to commemorate the day, cut loose, and even bust a move or two!

So, for this week’s inspiration board, we bring you some of our favorite “party rocking” moments from recent weddings. You’ll see the elated expression on our groom’s face as he’s hoisted up during the Hora, a spirited rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” performed by a group of friends, and an intimate glimpse of eye contact between husband and wife on the dance floor. These genuine, once-in-a-lifetime moments were deftly captured and preserved by our skilled photographers. Enjoy!