The men of the hour…

By, July 22, 2011

Much of the attention on the wedding day goes to the women, and rightfully so! There tends to be a lot of emphasis on the hair and makeup, the shoes, the dress, and the jewelry. But during the preparation time, the men are having a blast too, and deserve to be photographed.

This a tribute to all of the guys who are as excited for the big day as the women are. We’ve pulled together an assortment of photos to give you a snippet of what goes on with the men behind the scenes. We would love for you to leave your comments.

They walk side by side, in circles, and in single file lines!

San Diego Wedding Photographer groomsmen walking through an alley before wedding

To let loose, the guys often grab a brew!

Top Wedding Photography_ groomsmen drinking a beer San Diego wedding

They fix their hair, put on their shoes, and adjust their ties!

San Diego wedding photographers capture men getting ready before the wedding

They have a good time and goof off!

San Diego Wedding Photography groomsmen photos

They laugh and hang out under umbrellas!

San Diego wedding photography of artistic photos of the groomsmen

They get their nerves out by jumping!

San Diego Wedding Photographers photograph groomsmen having a good time San Diego

And, of course, they look ridiculously cool.

San Diego Wedding Photography_ creative photos of the groomsmen