Engagement Shoot | Michelle and Brant | Aug. 2010

By, August 24, 2010

Photography By: True Photography

“The Notebook” Part Deux

Our love story starts circa 1992. I was the ridiculously talented eighth-grade star on the boys’ varsity basketball team. Michelle was a mere seventh grader managing the team while juggling a budding career as professional model and concert violinist. Okay, so at least that’s how my memory prefers to remember it.

That time period was a blur-boys were growing up and girls were growing out, hormones were raging out of control and braces were standard issue. I would occasionally catch myself drifting off in practice seemingly more focused on the beautiful lady sauntering the sidelines than anything Coach Lowney was yelling at us.

It was a season of perfection for the mighty Wolves of Lake Ridge. We went undefeated (yet again) and the hero (that’s me) led my team to another championship. I had everything an eighth grade boy desired-a shiny trophy, the adoration of awkward teenage fans, a magnificent banner adorning the gymnasium wall, and a three-month supply of Oxy to battle those humiliating middle school pimples. Life was pretty sweet. Apparently, the only thing missing was my courage-I never did find enough gumption to speak with my future wife that year.

Approximately two years passed until our paths crossed again. I finally found the inner strength to call Miss Couch, who was now a young woman tearing up the soccer fields and basketball courts herself, and express my youthful adoration. We were just minutes into our conversation and things were going perfectly; until she told me she was moving to California in two weeks! ☹

Michelle and I kept in touch corresponding as pen pals for a while. She would send modeling pictures and I enjoyed hanging them up on my bedroom mirror. I’d tell everyone that Michelle was the girl of my dreams, including my girlfriend at the time. That pretty much ended that relationship. Throughout the years when I would think about “Mitch”, my heart would flutter while I’d wonder why our worlds were prematurely torn apart.

A year ago, the Lord sent me an angel. My world turned upside down when our paths amazingly crossed again. We reconnected with each other via Facebook in this technological age and I felt like that 8th grade boy once again-only this time it was, forever.

– Brant (Our Groom)

I became obsessed with Exquisite Wedding Magazine and fell in love with the unique, boutique style of the weddings highlighted. I began to notice True Photography as a repeated vendor amongst the many different weddings and ultimately fell in love with the editorial style of images. I knew I wanted my pictures to have the similar feel to timeless art. Aaron Feldman, owner, portrayed a confidence and passion for photography that was undoubtedly addicting. The initial engagement shoot was not only a blast, but our photographer truly gave us free reign to express ourselves as a unique couple. I was a little hesitant at first to present the old school basketball theme, but our photographer was extremely supportive and the images ultimately portrayed the youthfulness and memories that brought both Brant and I together. Thank you to True Photography for making our childhood memories a reality and we look forward to more precious moments to come!

– Michelle (Our Bride)

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