Day 1 of 5 | Adventurous Wedding Photos | Motorcycle Jump Over the Bride and Groom

By, April 01, 2013

Get ready for a wild week!  For the next five days we will feature “Adventurous Wedding Photos” that we’ve taken at events across the globe. Let’s “jump right in” to our first featured image!

When we arrived at Serenity Oaks Ranch for Rachel and Mike’s wedding, we were greeted by the valet guy, and his mini motorcycle. Because we had a very adventurous bride and groom on our hands, we asked the valet if he could do any tricks. A big smile appeared on his face, and he led us to a row of jumps in the back of the venue!

We didn’t want to get Rachel’s dress dirty, so our groom sat on a towel with the bride on his lap. The valet revved up his bike, and executed a heel kick just about a foot above Rachel and Mike’s heads. We would not recommend this to everyone, but it definitely made for an unforgettable image!


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