10 Trends in Engagement Photography

By, April 28, 2010

It is time for engagement shoots!  Here are the top ten trends this year:

1. Bring a very simple prop that will add interest to the photograph.

2. Night shots require more skill but can really have a nice change of mood lighting.

3. Vibrant colors and graphic lines.

4. Do shoot-throughs. This is having a strong forground, middle and background.

5. Incorporating nature.

6. Long exposures create nice movement.

7. Showing that you have fun together, shows how much you love each other.

8. Don’t forget to smile :) It is great to get the serious stylized shots but a good smile will create a fun memory.

9. Photograph an activity that you enjoy doing together.

10. It is nice to have a change of clothes for a different look.

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