Day 5 of 12: Gold wedding color inspiration

By, December 23, 2011

Because it’s Friday, we thought we’d go big with GOLD!  Around the world,  gold is the color of riches, regality and extravagance! In every country, culture and market in the world, gold is likely to be the single most valuable and prized commodity. In fact, many of the beautiful cultural weddings we photograph integrate gold into the decor and jewelry. 

In color psychology, gold is generous and giving, compassionate and loving, and is associated with the sun, adding optimism and good cheer. Incorporating the color gold on your wedding day will add a sense of grandeur and warmth to the celebration, while illuminating and enhancing the things around it. Gold weddings, like ones we’ve photographed at The Grand Del Mar and the US Grant, tend to be sophisticated and fun, with a touch of tradition.

Let gold inspire your holiday weekend and represent your prosperity in the new year! Be sure to check in tomorrow, where we will feature the color of the day— PURPLE!

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