Tranquility in Greenwich, CT

By, October 28, 2013

While we were up in Portland, Maine, we mapped out our next leg of travel and made sure we would drive through the town of Greenwich, Connecticut.  April’s mom was born there, and always talks about how beautiful it is, and how amazing it was to grow up there. We had to go check it out for ourselves, and snap a photo of her childhood home!

When the parents of Russell, our groom from Maine, heard we were passing through Greenwich, they insisted that we stay with them for an evening. Twist our arm…we didn’t take long to accept the invitation!  They told us they were right on the water, and we could take the kayaks out the next morning for some exercise. We pulled in up front and saw how gorgeous their home was, including the backyard view of the Long Island Sound. Pretty sure we will give them a ring every time we happen to be anywhere close to Greenwich :)

Thank you Nancy and Bob for the best overnight stay on our trip!  We hope to see you again soon :)