Wild Animal Park | Amy and Simon | Jan. 2010

By, May 14, 2010

Photography By: True Photography
Venue: San Diego, Wild Animal Park

How our friendship began….

Gardening brought us together. We both worked for a non-profit called the San Francisco League of Urban Gardners (SLUG), though at different times. On a cloudy Saturday afternoon in June 2003, Amy was tending one of the gardens used for educational purposes. Amy looked up to find Simon standing next to the fence covered in pink passion flowers. Conversation began. Since Amy worked for SLUG’s education department and Simon used to, he would drop by the office to visit with friends and Amy and Simon’s friendship began to take hold. Mutually intrigued, phone numbers were exchanged and plans were made to hang out at a local restaurant and Golden Gate Park. Summer turned to fall and fall to winter and our friendship grew deeper.

More than friendship….

Sitting on Amy’s desk that Valentine’s Day was a dozen roses and card that simply said “Happy Valentine’s Day”.
Amy: Who is my mystery admirer, I thought? Though I suspected it was Simon. On a run through Gold Gate Park with Simon and a friend, I wondered aloud, ‘I was given a dozen roses today but no one signed the card? Any ideas?’
Simon: Um, were they red roses?
Amy: Yep
Simon: “Oh, they’re from me, but there must have been a mistake at the flower shop because I asked them to send you a bouquet of flowers, he must of thought I meant roses.”
I was really scared because I realized red roses were a sign for love. I was concerned I might mess up our friendship. Yet the mistake that was made by the flower shop was really a blessing because we started to look at each other in a different way.
Amy: But really, I had already started to like Simon, he just didn’t know it yet.
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