Bridal Shoes – A Perfect Fit

By, May 05, 2014

For some, shoes are a necessity, and a basic method of travel. For others, footwear is a passion! For brides who fall into the second category, finding the definitive shoe is a critical part of the wedding planning process :) We’re always impressed when we see the a stunning set of heels or fresh kicks that pair perfectly with the wedding dress.

Many modern brides choose comfort first, and we can’t blame them. In recent years, sneakers have become a popular option because of the support they provide throughout the day. For other stylish brides, it’s clear that pain is beauty. Some prefer the best of both worlds, and switch shoes throughout the day.

Trying to find the perfect fit? We’ve gathered several pairs of recent shoe photos for inspiration!

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Not enough inspiration? Check out more shoe photos from recent weddings we’ve photographed.