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Can I order an engagement signing book and use it for my wedding album?

Technically yes, but we recommend going with our craftsman-quality wedding albums. Our engagement books, although nice, are more of a keepsake item. They have lightweight pages and durable cloth covers, with a limited selection of featured images (up to 20). This is ideal for displaying engagement photos, and having a well-designed memento for guests to sign. However, there is simply no way to encapsulate an entire wedding within 20 photos, and it will present more like a book than a substantial album. Engagement books are really designed and intended to show off the engagement.

If you are looking to tell the story of the day, with an heirloom designed to last generations, our wedding albums will be your best option. They are beautifully crafted, with elegant micro-leather covers and thick, durable pages. To learn more about our wedding albums, please click here.

As a photographer, is it valuable for you when the couple has a wedding coordinator?

Yes, it's definitely valuable. Although it's not a requirement to have a coordinator or wedding planner, a good coordinator helps to keep everything organized. They help to create a timeline that makes sense, and allows you to get all the photos that are necessary for your wedding day. When things don't happened perfectly as planned, it's nice to have someone (other than your family members or yourself) who can take care of any issues.

Typically when a coordinator is involved,  weddings are stylized a little more, with colors, backdrops, and staging. This helps us produce even better pictures. For example, something as simple as having uplighting at the reception can really make a big difference in photography. It helps to create the mood.

Are you hiring wedding photographers?

We always have an eye out for talented, creative professionals. If your natural style lends itself to what we do, then we are interested in viewing your work. We require that our photographers start out with a minimum of 5 years of professional wedding photography experience. A background in technical training is very important to us as well.

Because we have such a close team of talented shooters, we only add 1 or 2 photographers every couple of years. We receive over 75 inquiries a year from photographers who are interested in photographing for our studio.

If you are a photographer who would like to be considered for opportunities, and meet the requirements, please submit an application.

Are you available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do you charge for extra hours?

Yes. Because you have the ability to create your own wedding package based on the number of photographers and hours you need, there are no restrictions on the number of hours we will photograph. We always recommend that you book us for the least number of hours you think they’ll need. That way, you will only pay for what you need and won’t be penalized by contracting us for too much time. You always have the option to add time on at the event if necessary. Our additional hourly rates will range slightly, but they will be based around your package and the number of hours booked.

If you have questions on extra time, please contact [email protected]

Are there any additional fees that are added to our contract once we book?

We believe in being very straightforward and upfront with our contracts. On your contract, you will see a breakdown of exactly what is included, and the total amount specifying what is owed. We have accounted for factors that might affect the price, so there will be no surprises. For example, parking fees charged by the venue are included in our cost, and will not be added on later.

Also, if travel is necessary, we anticipate these costs and build them into your contract price. To see this feature in action, you can calculate potential travel costs by entering your venue's zip code in our online booking system.

Even though your contracted price stays firm, we still provide the flexibility to add to your package, such as additional hours of coverage, albums, fine art prints, etc. These additional products and services would be a separate purchase/charge, and we will always confirm approval before adding to your package.

What kinds of albums do you offer?

We believe that the best albums are simple in design, so that they remain timeless. We work companies that match our photography style and reproduce images with the highest quality craftsmanship :)

All of the albums we offer come with a lifetime guarantee, so that your wedding images can be showcased and preserved for generations. For more information regarding our wedding albums, please visit our walkthrough guide.

How and when do you use flash, reflectors and natural light during a wedding?

Each scenario and mood requires a different lighting setup. If a photographer uses too much flash, it will overpower the mood, and look more artificial. However, if a photographer does not light the shot properly, it can come out looking muddy or underexposed. It's this balance between natural light and the use of flash that ultimately defines a photographer's lighting style.

The natural light often sets the mood and feeling of the wedding. The more experienced the photographer, the more prepared they will be able to accomplish amazing light within a very small window of time. On your wedding day, experience is extremely important so that the photographer will be able to create nice light in any environment. It's easy to get a great photo when lighting conditions are ideal, but what defines a professional photographer is their ability to manipulate the light when it's not perfect. A true professional has no excuse;  they just get great shots no matter what.

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