Fifty Shades of Bouquet: Fun With the Bouquet Toss

By, February 11, 2015

The bouquet toss tradition started long ago, from a belief that a bride is especially lucky on her wedding day. To keep some good fortune for themselves, guests would tear away a shred of the wedding dress, and pocket it. Thankfully, this practice has evolved, and now the bride tosses flowers to her unmarried female guests instead. All eligible bachelorettes compete for the bouquet, and it is rumored that the recipient will be the next to marry.

As some brides prefer to hang on to their bouquets, which have sentimental value after the wedding, there are other modern-day interpretations of the tradition. For example, many brides have a smaller and lighter arrangement prepared by their florist specifically for the toss. Other brides choose to throw a gift, like a purse, with a symbolic flower attached to it :)

Naturally, the bouquet toss creates high-flying action, loads of emotion, and unexpected outcomes. We hope you enjoy enjoy our arrangement of competitive (but mostly pain-free) bouquet toss photos.

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