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By, May 03, 2016

Ladies, let’s be honest – the wedding day is a great excuse to hang out with your BFFs. With champagne flowing, music playing, and your girls decked out in their finest, there is nothing left to do but celebrate. It’s a perfect occasion to let loose, share a laugh, and enjoy the results of your planning.

As a bonus, there’s also that whole “getting married” thing :) Right now, though, it’s all about the ladies.

On the wedding day, we suggest starting the photography coverage early, before you change into your wedding dress. It’s fun to have images captured while you are relaxing with your bridal party, with the final touches of make-up being applied. This is a time for us to get creative, shoot details and candids, and capture the excitement in the room. Whether your crew is sophisticated, boisterous, or all-out silly, we’ll be there to create unforgettable images.

We hope you enjoy these recent bride and bridesmaid inspiration photos :)

Bridesmaids and Bride toss wedding bouquets up in air

While getting ready, Courtney’s bridesmaids surprised her with impromptu pillow fight (below), and we captured her priceless reaction.

Bridesmaids have fun pillow fight with bride in room

Before getting dressed up, Jaclyn and her ladies couldn’t resist a little taste of Del Taco (below). Still in her pre-bridal wardrobe, Jaclyn made sure to not get any hot sauce on her dress for her wedding day at Longshadow Ranch Vineyard and Winery.

Bride and bridesmaids grab a bite of del taco before putting on the wedding dressBride and bridesmaids toast with craft beers

During Brooke and Matt’s wedding at Rancho Valencia, we noticed an empty golf cart near Brooke’s room, and had the ladies hop in for a fun cruise around the venue (below). We are constantly keeping an eye out for unique photo opportunities, and ways to to transform everyday items into creative props.

Bride drives her bridesmaids in golf cartBridesmaids throw rose petals around Bride after ceremonyBridesmaids Eat Apples in Old TownBridesmaids share mirror with bride on wedding dayBridesmaids hold up mirror for Bride to reveal herself

Another great benefit to having your ladies helping out before the ceremony are fun moments like the one above, taken during Katie and Gene’s wedding at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club. As Katie stepped into her dress, we had her bridesmaids hold up a mirror for a grand reveal. We love the ecstatic, candid smiles of Katie and her girls, and the genuine reactions all around.

Bridesmaids and Bride show off fun rustic cowboy bootsBridesmaids toast with a shot of tequila before wedding ceremony Bridesmaids blow bubbles at camera before wedding ceremony Bridesmaids pose with bride and show off fun striped socksBridesmaids make it rain as they toss money in the air before wedding ceremonyThings got a little “en fuego” before Rachel and Jason’s wedding at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa (above), as the ladies brought out the cash and made it rain dollar bills.

Bridesmaids lay with Bride on bed in circleBridesmaids blow kiss towards brideBride and bridesmaids pose with pink robes before wedding ceremony

Let guests know who your bridesmaids are!  At Mariam and Farhad’s Wedding at Maderas Golf Club, Mariam’s bridesmaids rocked yellow sunglasses, which were gifted to them to match their wedding attire (below). By gifting your ladies with colorful robes or matching glasses, your squad will rule the day in style.

Bridesmaids pose with Bride and wear yellow sunglasses Bride and bridesmaids eat burgers from In N' Out during reception Bridesmaids make fun grand entrance and dance during wedding reception

For their grand entrance during Shannan and Mathias’ wedding at Beverly Mansion (above left), the bridesmaids had a little surprise up their sleeves. Serenading the crowd with air guitar skills, the ladies brought out their inner rock stars, and kicked off the party in high gear.

Bridesmaids pose with Bride as they wear Harry Potter props Bridesmaids pose with props in photobooth

Check out more ways to have fun with your bridesmaid photos :)


Fifty Shades of Bouquet: Fun With the Bouquet Toss

By, February 11, 2015

The bouquet toss tradition started long ago, from a belief that a bride is especially lucky on her wedding day. To keep some good fortune for themselves, guests would tear away a shred of the wedding dress, and pocket it. Thankfully, this practice has evolved, and now the bride tosses flowers to her unmarried female guests instead. All eligible bachelorettes compete for the bouquet, and it is rumored that the recipient will be the next to marry.

As some brides prefer to hang on to their bouquets, which have sentimental value after the wedding, there are other modern-day interpretations of the tradition. For example, many brides have a smaller and lighter arrangement prepared by their florist specifically for the toss. Other brides choose to throw a gift, like a purse, with a symbolic flower attached to it :)

Naturally, the bouquet toss creates high-flying action, loads of emotion, and unexpected outcomes. We hope you enjoy enjoy our arrangement of competitive (but mostly pain-free) bouquet toss photos.

001Bouquet_Toss 002Bouquet_Toss 003Bouquet_Toss 004Bouquet_Toss 005Bouquet_Toss 006Bouquet_Toss 007Bouquet_Toss 008Bouquet_Toss 009Bouquet_Toss 010Bouquet_Toss 011Bouquet_Toss 012Bouquet_Toss 013Bouquet_Toss 014Bouquet_Toss 015Bouquet_Toss 016Bouquet_Toss 017Bouquet_Toss 018Bouquet_Toss 019Bouquet_Toss 020Bouquet_Toss 021Bouquet_Toss


Kathy Wright & Co: The Gold Standard in Floral and Event Design

By, April 04, 2012

Flowers add life, warmth and personality to a wedding. They are nature’s gifts to us;  they make us smile when we are sad, and they remind us of the most precious memories life has to offer.  I’ve worked at my trade for many years, crafting the perfect wedding design for each and every bride and groom who decide I’m ‘the one’ for them! Whether they are going for ‘uber contemporary’, vintage chic, or classic traditional style, I can interpret it through flowers, and all the different tools I have, to create an event extraordinaire!

Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design in San Diego Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design in San Diego Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design for Indian Wedding in San Diego

It’s very simple for a bride and groom to choose the type of flowers to match the style of their event. The process really starts with me getting to know them as people.  They come in, sit down, and we talk.  Sometimes we talk about everything under the sun!  Sometimes they tell me about their favorite movie,  their favorite rock band, their favorite colors, or their favorite place to go on vacation. These are all hints to better understand what they both enjoy, and what they want their party to reflect to their guests!

Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design in San Diego

We look at textures and colors, and ways to apply light to the tables and the ceiling of the room.  We look at styles of furniture to put around the dance floor, or ways to incorporate a chandelier, or what shape the floral arrangements should be, or how to create a backdrop for the band. Years from now, the bride and groom remember it all!

Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design in San Diego Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design in San Diego Kathy Wright and Co Floral Design in San Diego

Without a doubt, the current trend is the vintage chic feel.  A lot of people feel comfortable with the cutesy, almost whimsical feeling.  It’s an easy look to replicate, and a tried and true favorite.  Brides and grooms are also wanting to keep the focus on their closest friends and family, with a look that creates a very ‘feel good’ vibe.

Kathy Wright and Co. wedding florals in Southern California

The magazines say 10% of a wedding budget is put towards florals, but what the magazines don’t tell you is that this percentage is not realistic if you want something extra special and over the top.  If you want flowers for the wedding party, a few florals in the front of the ceremony, and simple centerpieces, 10%  is usually a reasonable percentage.  But if you want those gorgeous patterns of rose petals down the aisle, or the elaborate floral centerpieces towering over the table tops at the reception like you see in the magazines, it will most likely be above 10%. Many brides and grooms are now dedicating closer to 40% or 50% of their budget to the décor, in order to achieve the look and feel that you see in many of the gorgeous weddings in magazines and online. For example, a special table cloth, unique chairs, and furniture seating areas in key locations can enhance the overall look of the event.  When you hire a wedding visionary, or ‘event designer’ such as myself, we can help realize these ideas, and bring them to life. The right details created by a trained eye make a huge difference.

San Diego wedding floral design by Kathy Wright and Co Kathy Wright and Co Wedding at the Grand Del Mar

My favorite flower for bridal bouquets is a fresh gardenia, hands down!  They are sexy,  sultry, and so fragrant!  They have gotten a bad rap as the flower that ‘browns’ if you touch them, but look at so many of the photographs of my work and you will not see a brown gardenia!  Just don’t toss that bouquet like a football and you’ll be fine!

Kathy Wright and Co. Modern Gardenia Wedding Bouquet

In addition to flowers, we love to incorporate different elements into our arrangements  Feathers, crystals, succulents, fruit, vegetables, shells…all forms of nature work with all forms of nature!  The added elements are nice to echo in a ‘theme’ or to make a statement that enhances the feeling of the event!

Wedding bouquet by Kathy Wright and Co. with jewelsKathy Wright and Co wedding floral design

I will always remember Megan and Sergio’s wedding, and Megan’s mom Katie!  They are a great family and I loved working with them!  This very traditional wedding ceremony took place in the Capella at The Grand Del Mar.  They wanted the classic space to have style, and they allowed me to create gorgeous yellow bouquets to brighten the space!  It was my favorite color to use in the Capella, other than white, which will ALWAYS be my first choice for ceremony flowers in a traditional venue such as a chapel, church or synagogue.

San Diego Wedding Flowers by Kathy Wright and Co. San Diego Wedding Flowers by Kathy Wright and Co.

Megan and Sergio met on a soccer field, so they wanted to incorporate their love of soccer into the wedding decor. We thought it would be a fun element to bring to the cocktail hour, where all the guests could enjoy the fun and whimsy. We covered round benches to resemble the look of a soccer ball in black and white, and we created floral soccer balls to enhance the turf covered seating card table. Later, ‘someone’ encouraged the bride and groom to dribble the floral soccer balls around the Grand Del Mar. The ‘game’ was caught by Aaron of True Photography, and the photos are priceless.

San Diego Wedding Floral Designer Kathy Wright and Co creates flower soccer balls for wedding They are a great family and I miss working with them!

The reception room came to life with over sized ‘trees’ of flowers in the centers of the tables,  and the chocolate brown dance floor gleamed in the ballroom!

Chocolate-Dance-Floor-and-Tall-Flowers-by-Kathy-Wright-&-Co at the Grand Del MarWedding at the Grand Del Mar with Kathy Wright Design and Floral

We created a large U shape table to host all the wedding party and their families, and of course the bride and groom. We literally built the table inside the ballroom on the morning of the wedding!  What a wonderful wedding to be part of!

Kathy Wright and Co. wedding florals in Southern California

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