Top 10 Reasons To Love Your Wedding Party

By, April 18, 2012

Many of our bridal couples choose to walk down the aisle with a wedding party. Sometimes, the bridal party consists of two close friends – one on each side. We’ve also photographed weddings where dozen friends and family members are included. Both ways are great! Traditionally, bridesmaids and groomsmen are honored with the planning of the bachelor and bachelorette parties, holding the rings, helping the bride with her bustle, and starting the dance party during the reception. We thought we’d take a moment to celebrate those who work hard behind the scenes, and party hard too.

Inspired by the wedding parties of our amazing clients, we bring you 10 reasons why bridesmaids and groomsmen are so beneficial! Take a look!

#1   They’ll be there to catch you when you fall.

San Diego Wedding Photography:  Funny wedding photos by True Photography in San Diego

#2   They make you feel at “home”.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Bridal Party having fun before wedding in downtown San Diego

#3   They’ll stand right by your side.

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Pink bridesmaids dresses on the beach with parasols

#4   They surround you with love.

San Diego Wedding Photography:  Bridal party dancing around the bride and groom at San Diego Wedding at the Omni Hotel

#5   They’ll share a drink with you.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Groomsmen sharing a drink before wedding at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel

 #6   They make you feel like you’re one big happy family.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Bridal party in pale pink and grey argyle sweaters

#7   They’re willing to lend an ear and listen.

 San Diego Wedding Photography: Groomsmen photos before wedding at the Grand Del Mar

#8   They’ll act as your support.

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Wedding Party making a human pyramid on the beach

#9   They won’t really let you drink and drive.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Photo of bridal party before the wedding ceremony in San Diego

#10   They’ll make sure your day is “smooth sailing.”

San Diego Wedding Photography: Nautical themed wedding groomsmen photo

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