Puppy Love | Including Dogs in the Wedding Festivities

By, August 15, 2013

Dogs are like family – they live with you, eat with you, and sometimes even sleep curled at your feet :) So it’s no wonder that pet involvement in weddings is on the rise. In fact, venues are more open than ever to having pups included in the wedding celebration. Whether your wedding is held on an open beach, at a rustic winery, or a glamorous hotel, most venues will allow dogs on the property for at least the ceremony and photo opportunities. It’s the perfect time to unleash your pet’s wildest doggy dreams!

Not sure how to incorporate your cute canine? Below are five ways that dogs can lend a helping paw on your wedding day:

1. Portraits

Since dogs are constant companions, why not include them in your portraits? We love how dogs help reflect the couple’s personality by simply being in the photo. They also add a little humor to the occasion! Pet-friendly portraits like the ones below are ideal for printing and framing, and make a nice addition to the home!


2. Getting Ready Photos

Having your loyal best friend by your side is sure to soothe any pre-ceremony jitters. Your pup will listen to your needs, offer a paw, gaze at you in awe and give their bark of approval, followed by a big, wet kiss. We can’t think of a better way to spend the last few moments before tying the knot.


3. Walk Down the Aisle

Big or small, your furry friends will make an impact at your wedding, and show everyone how important they are in your lives. Make them part of your day by having them strut down the aisle au natural! Or, spiff them up with a matching bow tie and cuffs, so they can deliver a special note to your significant other.


4. Offer Unconditional Love

Your dogs will help to spread the joy on your wedding day, and remind everyone that they are appreciated!


5. Add Style and Humor

Doggy divas, comical canines and other pup personalities help set the tone for memorable photos. Our photographers did a great job capturing these candid canines in action!



A Furry Best Man | Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding | Lydia and Olin

By, May 31, 2013

Here at True Photography, we love our pets as family. We even call one very special dachshund a member of our team. So when we saw this image of “Fuzz” the Goldendoodle, we knew it had to be our Photo of the Week!

Fuzz took part in the wedding of Lydia and Olin, who were recently married at the Scripps Seaside Forum. He had a huge responsibility on the wedding day, with a custom embroidered bandana to prove it.  What did it say? “Best Dog,” of course!


Check out more photos from Lydia and Olin’s wedding.


10 Wedding Trends We’ve Captured on Camera

By, May 13, 2011

There’s no doubt that weddings are becoming more personalized and detail-oriented than ever. We’ve recognized a number of awesome trends that have started to catch on, and we’ve rounded them up to share with you.

1. PET PARTICIPATION – When your pets are well behaved and can handle wearing even the smallest amount of wedding apparel, how can you not involve them in your ceremony? Here are a few photos of our brides and grooms including their “pups in the nups.”

2. FUN BRIDAL FOOTWEAR – Brides are choosing to wear a fun pair of shoes underneath the wedding dress to show off their personal styles. From flats, to bright colors and sparkles, to five-inch red-soled Christian Louboutin pumps, these eclectic shoe choices have sure made for great detail photos!

3. COMFORT FOOD IN TINY GLASSES – “Individual” is definitely a trendy word in food presentation. Delicious food items served in miniature mugs or votive holders are becoming fun additions to desert tables and cocktail hours.

4. MIX-MATCHED BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES  – Mixing it up can be exciting! As weddings are getting more personalized, some brides have their bridesmaids wear different colors and shapes that compliment them, while playing off each individual style.

5. PARASOL ACCESSORIES – Rain or shine, umbrellas are in. We’ve seen them used as decor along the aisle, as accessories for the bridesmaids, and of course, as weather protection for the guests!

6. CANDY TABLES – More and more brides and grooms are incorporating self-serve candy bars at the reception. Guests think it’s “pretty sweet.”

7. SHORT WEDDING GOWNS – Especially in beach-themed weddings, some brides are opting for short dresses that not only fit the occasion, but also show off their tans!

8. FASHIONABLE WEDDING PARTY JEWELRY – We’ve seen lots of bridesmaids incorporate less traditional pieces, such as bold and chunky jewelry, to compliment their dresses.

9. PERSONALIZED DETAILS – From stir sticks, to water bottles, to dance floor decals, those little personal touches are popping up everywhere.

10. STYLISH TRANSPORTATION – We’ve photographed newlyweds taking off  in some unique and classy rides after tying the knot.