Stress-Free Family Portraits

By, July 14, 2017

During the wedding planning process, you may likely wonder how to successfully prepare for family photos. With the right formula, family photos can be a smooth process, no matter how big your family is!

Our process often starts with a large group photo, with both sides of the family together. Then, we gradually break it down into smaller and smaller groups, so people can leave as their picture is taken. This method ensures that everyone is photographed. As the crowd is narrowed down, we are able to capture more intimate groupings, such as grandparents, parents and siblings. Of course we understand that every family is different, so we will get to know your family dynamics before the big day.

To be efficient, we suggest designating someone to take charge of each side of the family. That way, everyone relevant is kept within reach, and no one accidentally wanders off to the cocktail hour ;) The smoother the family photos, the more time you have for romantic couples photos, and fun memorable shots with your bridal party.

Both the groom and bride's side of the family come together for a full family photo
A groom and his bride pose with the groom's family.
Parents and siblings of the bride pose with the groom.
Mother and father take a photo with their daughter and her groom.
A young bride poses with her mom.
A bride's sisters play her bridesmaids for a day

Before the wedding day, the key is to make sure the family knows exactly when they are needed, and where to be. You can have a perfect list, but if Uncle Joe doesn’t show up on time, then the rest of the family is stuck waiting around for him. This can take time away from other creative photos later. As long as everyone is ready to go, we will be very fast and efficient, and make sure everyone is captured looking great!

Check out more family wedding portraits photographed by our studio.

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