Just the Tip

By, July 12, 2017

A question that a lot of couples have is, “Is it standard to tip the photographer?” The simple answer is, there is no simple answer. When you’re already dipping deep into your (or your parents’) savings to pay for the big day, we understand that allotting more room in your budget for gratuities on top of that can be a lot to handle. Is a tip appreciated? Of course, we won’t fight that :) Is it expected? Absolutely not.

Here’s a general philosophy to remember while contemplating gratuity for the photography. If we prove to not only meet but exceed your expectations, then by all means show your appreciation in whatever way, shape or dollar amount feels right for you. What honestly goes so far for us is sharing with us just how happy you are. We would love to photograph the two of you and your friends and family, not just for a day, but for many years to come. That is the ultimate tip.

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We have received so many heartfelt thank you’s from our clients over the years, and that goes a long way for us!