Let’s have a party, we’ll all dance the Hora!

By, November 30, 2017

The Hora is a customary Jewish wedding celebration dance. Once the song Hava-Nagila starts playing, guests instinctively rush to the dance floor, and hold hands to form a circle around the bride and groom. The crowd then lifts the newly married couple up in chairs, to honor and celebrate their union. It is a fun and cardio-centric tradition that will get you off your feet, and get your heart rate up!

The tradition of the Hora started long ago, during the time of arranged marriages. The purpose was to bring the community together in celebration, and put the (presumably nervous) young couple at ease. These days, the Hora remains a highlight of Jewish weddings, and remains a way to honor a Jewish heritage.

As wedding photographers, when we capture the energy and the joy of this moment, we make sure to place ourselves at the perfect perspective. Whether we’re unobtrusively in the middle of the action, or shooting from the sidelines, we make sure to capture the energy and excitement of the moment. Check out the fun photos we’ve captured of some real life “Hora Stories” :)

Family and friends fill the dance floor for the hora
Bride and grooms looks on to their guest for the hora
Bride and groom hold hands for the hora
Excited groom lifted up in a chair
Groom is lifted by family and friends for the hora
0007HoraStory copy
Groom huddles with friends
Bride and groom have fun with the hora
0011HoraStory copy
Guest surround bride and groom for the hora
Groom barely holds on as he's lifted for the hora
Mom gets lifted for the hora
Bride and groom enjoying the hora at their wedding
Bride and groom celebrate traditional hora

Oh Baby! | At Home with a Newborn

By, November 15, 2017

There’s nothing like having a newborn at home! During a newborn photo session, our goal is to capture the joy and emotions of your newly expanded family. We focus on capturing images that preserve intimate moments, such as the special way mom holds her baby, the pride in dad’s eyes, and the interaction between loving parents. Who knew such a small little person could impact your life so much?

Staring at Baby
We capture images from a unique perspective to add interest, and to engage the viewer in the photograph.
Tiny Feet
We use scale to show just how small your newborn is, for such an important person!
Royal Baby
Mom and Dad adore baby
Newborn Smile
Baby and parents in the nursery
To remain unobtrusive, and to show your daily life during this time period, we typically make use of natural light.
Swaddled baby
We photograph your newborn where they will be most comfortable, such as in a nursery or crib.
Kisses for baby

We book newborn photo shoots throughout San Diego! To see more, check out full galleries of newborn portrait photography or schedule a newborn photo session for your own family!


Second Thoughts on a First Look

By, July 21, 2017

For many couples, the ‘first look’ is a huge highlight of the wedding day. The reactions are magical when a wedding couple is ridiculously in love, and setting eyes on each other for the first time! Especially during winter months, when sunset is early, a first look helps to ensure amazing portraits are captured during daylight hours. It is also useful when time is tight later in the day, the venue has a variety of scenic backgrounds, or there are multiple locations involved.

Bride covers grooms eyes for their first look on a bridge
One great way to reveal is to stand behind your beloved, cover their eyes, and take a moment to chat and laugh before facing each other.
Groom turns around and reacts to his Bride
First Look
Bride tip toes around blindfolded groom
The blindfold is another fun way to have some interaction before the big reveal.
Bride taps groom's shoulder
Bride and groom hold hands for their no look first look
Groom looks at his bride with awe from top to bottom
Groom admires his brides dress from the back
Groom anxiously waits to see his bride for the first time
Bride sneaks up on groom for their first look
Groom temderly kisses his bride after first look
Groom turns around to see bride
Groom reactions to seeing bride
Groom smiles with glee when he sees his bride
Bride and groom enjoy a moment for first look
Even with a first look, we recommend reserving time for couple photos after the ceremony, as the light is often very nice at that time. That way, you have beautiful portraits together in both daylight and evening settings
Groom tear up when he sees his bride
Groom overwhelmed by emotion
Groom laughs with tears of joy when he sees bride
Bride full of emotions after their first look

The first look can be private and intimate, reserved for the nearly-weds only. Or family and friends can be invited to participate in a more elaborate sneak peek. Or, if you prefer to remain traditional, you can wait until the ceremony to see each other. No matter how you do it, we’ll be there to capture that very first breathtaking moment!

Here are a few more tips to ensure the first look is a success:

  1. Make sure that you are running on time or are early. If you are rushed, you may feel stressed! Going into the first look, we want you to be relaxed. It is important to be able to take a deep breath, and to really absorb the moment.
  2. If you plan on doing pictures with the family after the first look, make sure they are also early/on-time. Consider telling everyone to arrive 15 minutes too early :) But tell one family member on each side the real time, so when you have not yet arrived, they understand why.
  3. Give the wedding party (especially bridesmaids) an earlier time to be ready than necessary, as well as the hair/makeup artists.
  4. From tips 1-3, you may have gotten the idea that being ready early (or at least on-time) will have a very positive impact on your photographs. It starts the day off right!

For a longer look at the first look, check out our full gallery of first look wedding photos.