Work for True!

We always have an eye out to partner with talented, creative professionals. If your natural style lends itself to what we do, then we are interested in viewing your work! We require that our photographers and videographers start with a minimum of 3 years of professional wedding photography or videography experience. You must be skilled in capturing amazing imagery under any technical challenge. An example of this is knowing what to do on windy days, night time, mid day light, etc.

We are looking for individuals that aren’t just talented but are also organized, great communicators, and overall have a very positive energy. In a nut shell, we can't teach people how to be cool and likable. We want all of our clients and guests to say “Wow, those were the best photographers and videographers that I have ever seen at a wedding! I wish I had them at MY wedding!”

We are very selective about who we choose to partner with. We want individuals who are confident in their ability, but also humble enough to take feedback and are always looking to grow as professionals and artists.

If everything we have described is you, then please fill out our Opportunities Form. We’d love to hear from you!